Thursday, March 29, 2012

splendid fiins

it’s another spotlight!

(I love these.  so much fun!!)

nisa of splendid fiins has such a fun style.  she is another one who is a go-to when I am putting any layout together.

(I especially love her messy stitching.)

(and her border punches, set one or two.)

(oh, and anything “@ the office”.  love.)

as per usual, her entire store is on sale thru sunday night.  so run and stock up on some favs!

and I will share some more of mine with you now:

(click on layout for full list of credits..  yadda-yadda-yadda…)

love you copynow.. copy_thumb[1]sf_bookplates2_mindypitchersf_borderpunches_mindypitchsf_perspective copyspf_thinkspringborderbits_msplendidfiins_love-yoo_QP copyTemplate-Tuesday-Amy-Mallortoothlesswonder copytrike copytwine_mindypitcher copyyouanddad_sf_mindypitcher copymom peyton copy

1 comment:

Missy said...

Mindy! Your photography is GORGEOUS!! What an awesome talent! And, the weed quote is priceless! When my girls blow on the dandelion puff I instinctually want to chase the "fairies" and throw them away before they land! I soooo need to see them as the wish that they are. So so so true!