Tuesday, March 6, 2012


this sweetie came on her first birthday (!!!) for a special photo shoot.

she is such a sweetheart!

(and so is her mom.)

she brought balloons and a cake, made a onesie and tutu especially for this little girl’s special day (mom after my own heart I tell you!), and it just so happened that peyton’s birthday gift (table and chairs) was perfect for this shoot.

melanie_02_vintagemelanie_03_b&wmelanie_05_vintagemelanie_06_b&w melanie_10_b&wmelanie_15_vintage

and then there was a cake smash..

(seriously, so fun!!)

melanie_19_vintagemelanie_33_b&w melanie_39_b&wmelanie_30_vintagemelanie_34_vintage melanie_36_vintagemelanie_45_vintage melanie_46_vintagemelanie_49_b&w

it was so hard to decide on which ones were my favorite.

such a darling girl!


mandi said...

Um, that last photo there. The one with the cake face. I. Love. It. What a great idea!

Bon said...

love this photo shoot. Love the color ones with close ups of her eating the cake

Blake and Kathryn said...

OH MY GOODNESS...Mindy, Seriously you are SO talented! Thank you so much for this shoot!! We will be coming to you again for sure! Thanks thanks thanks! They turned out just PERFECT! Everything I was hoping for. You're amazing!! :o)