Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the reason why I have to clean feet print off my walls…



and it’s not just feet print…  there’s a lot of hand prints on those walls of mine too.


practicing is a good thing, right?

another good thing, they love it.  I certainly helps that it is their aunt mikell kitty-cat jazz hands pitcher (and grandma) who is teaching them.  it is also good that they have this in their genes.

(paternal genetics, not mine.)

they absolutely love it. 

I love watching them.

peyton even gets her own private lesson.  who on earth would want to be left out of this kind of fun?


I have to say she is the best, and I mean that honestly.  not because I have known mikell kitty-cat jazz hands pitcher since she was, like 4, not because she is merrill’s little sis, not because she can rock the fake laugh/hand under the chin pose, but because she is an awesome teacher, great at what she does, and so incredibly motivating and fun.


all of this makes my more frequent wall-washing worth it.


kdance10 said...

Love this post, super cute. My girls want to do tumbling so bad!!

kristen*morgan*kate said...

I wish I was there to see.... Love all the updates, you're the best Mindy!!

Ally's Corner said...

Oh no is this what I can look forward to? Alana's tumbling class this summer!!

Julie said...

They all look so cute and it looks like they are having fun!

Katherine said...

Love this post. It is definitely in their genes! They are so cute doing all their tumbling. I hope I can get Josh into it someday. I love Mikell's nickname, a little long, but good.