Monday, March 5, 2012

mom + peyton

little peyton is having a hard time transitioning into her primary class.  it is not easy for anyone involved, and we are trying to think of ways to help her.  she had a hard time going to nursery, then loved it, then the nursery leaders changed, and there was another difficult period.  then she loved it again.  now she is a sunbeam, and we are in another hard spot.

I love the kid and all, but really want for her to enjoy this time.  it is hard to leave her crying in her class.  I feel bad for her teacher.  she asked me what she could do as her teacher to make this easier on peyton.  it sucks when you have nothing to say. 

merrill put out the idea of pre-school.  that would be great, if there were a pre-school in the area that I was happy with.  the pre-school that lynn and ashley went to is now out in clinton.  call me selfish, but I really don’t like the idea of driving out to clinton 3 times a week so she can be there for 2 hours a day.  gas and time are priceless these days.  add in how much the tuition would be and that is a bit much to swallow.

I am also torn because I love spending time with it just being me and her.  I have never had this with any of my girls and I really enjoy it.  when lynn was this age, ash was hanging out with us too.  when ash was this age, peyton was just a baby.  it is rather enjoyable spending my days with her.

maybe I am having some separation anxiety too?

I mean, who would take control of the remote control when a self-portrait session is in need?

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dude, being a mom is hard.

it also sucks sometimes.

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Maecy said...

I was just talking with some other moms about forming a joy school where the moms take turns teaching preschool for many of the same reasons. If you want to discuss, let me know. Sorry she's sad. And it really does stink when the MOM doesn't have answers. I feel like that all the time, dangit.