Saturday, March 10, 2012

mom & me journals.

I remember when my sister-in-law bought a circle journal for her daughter years ago.  that made me look forward to when my own girls (and I only had two of them at the time, one just an infant) could read and write so we could do fun stuff like that.

well, 2/3 of those girls can read and write!

it is also a time in life when I want to really help our relationships to grow and become stronger.  enter the mom & me journal.

(it also helps with their reading, writing, and spelling.)


so thanks to pinterest for some fun inspiration, we are diving right in.

I could have bought a notebook, slapped a label on it, but no.  I had to do something fun with it, girly it up so they would be as excited about it as I am.


I spiced-up the outside of a plain old black & white composition notebook with these pretty papers and elements from cosmo cricket.  I added some tattered angels glimmer mist in “electric blue” (on the blue one), and chalkboard mist in “sprout” (on the green one), before I glued all of my embellishments down.  I also added a strip of ribbon to use as a bookmark.  I glued that down to the outside of the spine before I covered it with muslin.  the strip of muslin was folded and sewn at either end to help control the fraying, and I left the raw selvage edge to add to the prettiness of the front.

so far the girls love them.

I have been participating in a conversation about favorites with ashley.  she is rather extensive about favorites.  example:  “what is your favorite type of carpet?”  this one can go on forever.

lynn is currently conducting an interview with me.

looking forward to more fun days and questions with these, not to mention the great keepsake they will be one day.


Julie said...

That is such a great idea. I imagine it is something they will enjoy looking back through again and again.

Carrie said...

So how does it work? I'm not sure I fully understand how the concept works . . .

Jocelyn said...

That is such a cute idea! And as they get older and they become more difficult to live with, you can use the journals to "talk" back and forth without either taking offense!!!!! Hhhhmmm maybe I better get one started with my girl!!