Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the woodbury’s

this shall be what I will lovingly refer to part one of a three-parter.

this is sweet luke.

(remember luke?)

woodbury_02_b&w burn

and this would be sweet luke with his sweet mom and dad.


these would be the “non family portraits” that we took of them.

woodbury_06_b&w burn

candidness is quite lovely, if I do say so myself.


and luke is quite incredible himself.

woodbury_08_b&w burn

baby boy pooped it up big time during these photos.


it was honestly the funniest thing I have experienced behind the camera in a very long time.

his pooping skills were also quite the trick to get some fantastically natural smiles out of his mom and dad.


you can see more of luke soon with his darling cousin.

and then, when you miss his cuteness, you can see it again, later, in the pictures I took of his darling cousin.

genetics like these, lend to rather cute picture posts.

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