Tuesday, April 24, 2012

some talk about ceilings.

did you know that your ceiling is your fifth wall?
so i have been told (or read, rather) as i have researched the answer to the burning question i have:
do i paint my ceilings white, or the same color as my walls?
i have even polled some of my fav diy bloggers and have their opion on the matter.
you see, i already know MY answer to this question, it's just that merrill's answer is not the same as mine, and i am trying to prove to him that i am right, and therefore, our ceilings should be the way i think they should be.
i do not want to admit how much time i have put forth towards this effort.  that is incalculable at the moment.
but, no fear.  it (the painting of ceilings or any other surface in this house) will not be taking place any time in the near future (i.e. tomorrow).
for now, we have drama.
drama of the homeowner type.
- a water heater that needs to be replaced (and is on order).
- a sprinkling system that is on the fritz, not that we NEED to use it NOW, but we do need to get it fixed before we need it.
- and a little girl who wants to continually close her left eye.  i am wondering if this child has a misalignment or something of the sort.  still, not fun.
so while i would LOVE to spend money on fun paint to make our bedroom not so blah, i will abstain, and take care of what needs to be taken care of.
fun will just have to wait.
ooohhh!!  oooohhhh!!  i did have fun though.  i beautified my porch.
it's the little things i tell you.


Ally's Corner said...

Most people think a painted ceiling will make the ceiling look lower. For a completely white room it is perfectly acceptable. However, once you introduce a beautiful, rich wall color and you do not paint the ceiling a transitional shade, your tendency is to look up because the big expanse of ceiling suddenly looks unfinished with the rest of the room full of color. If your ceilings are nine feet or lower, go three shades lighter on the paint strip of the wall color. For vaulted ceilings go two shades darker which brings the sense of intimacy down.

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

I would say, painting your ceiling depends on the color and size of the room. My parents painted rooms in their house after we all left. A very peppy pink, like in medicine pink, and the other was a blue. They painted the entire room. The rooms glowed. In that instance, i would say, they should have left the ceilings white! :) Sorry your house is giving you troubles! Our air conditioner went out last year, in the middle of summer, in St. George, it wasn't fun.

Jocelyn said...

You know I have never thought about the ceilings. I just look at the walls and throw color there! Boo for homeowner drama...that stuff isn't fun to spend money on! Where are the porch pictures???

Missy said...

Our new home has most of the ceilings painted the wall color. In some rooms it works, in others...not so much. For example, our 1/2 bath on the main is entirely painted in a greyish green. It makes the room a cave- very very bad! {I'm thinking about installing white bead board to the ceiling to open up the room.} In my son's blue room, it looks fabulous- but it has really high attic ceilings, so I think that is why it works. So, I guess it depends on the room, the light, the height of the ceilings, and the color! Good luck! Post pics when you do it!