Thursday, February 21, 2008

Apple juice sucks...

Attention layout fans: the layout is at the bottom of the post now... Peyton has earned top billing!So this was last night, while I was posting (you can tell in the background), but I had to have a pic of ME with my little girl... Mer hogs her too much.
I'll say it every day... she's so sweet!
We weren't awakened by the earthquake today, I was too busy actually getting some sleep. I drank some apple juice last night with dinner, not good. Peyton reacts the same way her grandpa does to apple juice, gassy. She wasn't too happy for most of the night. Poor thing! She has been sleeping the day away, just like a newborn should, but is so happy when she is awake. Hopefully tonight won't be a party for her.
Another answered prayer: my cough isn't that bad! I don't feel 100%, but at least I am not coughing! My testimony of prayer has been strengthened so much! I didn't ask Heavenly Father to take it away, I asked Him to help me with it so I could sleep, not hurt, and be a mother.
This is the playroom now. I got so sick of the girls, making a complete sty of the basement, that I packed away the majority of their toys, and moving a select few up to their room. Lynn was so dramatic about it. She was crying, "Say goodbye to the playroom Ash... Goodbye playroom! I love you!" Like Ash really cared... It has been nice and quiet down here ever since. This darn "Rose Petal Cottage"... I know, it was my idea... is too big to pack away anywhere! Santa will be so disappointed that it didn't last quite two months. All the toys that live downstairs now fit into two baskets , that's plenty!
I got a funny phone call today from the hospital.
"Hi. Is this Mindy?"
"This is ______ from McKay-Dee Hospital. I see that you are expecting here pretty soon!"
(Tomorrow was my due date...)
"Uh, I actually had her a week ago..."
"Oh, sorry! Bye!"
That was the conversation... seriously...


Rachael said...

Oh that is so funny! Before Kimberly was born I put all of Hayden's toys down stairs in his toy chest. Then I got rid of all the junky ones. It's so... much nicer!!

I would do the purse tag but I haven't really been carying my purse around. Just Kimmy's diaper bag and every one already knows what goes in a diaper bag!

jaclyn said...

only 2 baskets of toys.. you know 3 will be needed when cade comes over, he's not hip on sharing! cute layout girl!

Jenny said...

I will do the purse tag, but I have been getting ready for Katie's B-day party all day long today.

Looks like you guys are doing great!

Summer said...

My doctor's office called to confirm my next appointment after I had Troy. In their defense, my doctor didn't deliver me but one of the doctors in the practice did. Great communication!