Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Freddy the Frog

Ohhhh Summertime! Today really felt like it, compared to some recent days. I used some of my more recent purchases. I got the buttons from Target today, and I got the felt flowers and buttons from Heartland during last week's excursion.
My day began a t 2:29 am. I woke up during a crazy dream about scrapbooking and politics, specifically colors of cardstock and how they related to Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama, and John McCain. Mike Huckabee was not really a prominent figure in my dream... as in real life... So I woke up thinking, "that was weird", and then realizing why I woke up. Something had caused me some discomfort. I laid there for a few minutes, well, about 5 to be exact... and there was another hard Braxton Hicks. I began timing. They came 5-6 minutes apart and lasted about 2 minutes each. This is just a re-run of one of my last nights being pregnant with Ashley. Nothing happened then either. It was a little uncomfortable, but worse was Peyton, being an absolute wild woman between them. I ended-up going downstairs to watch something... nothing is really on at 3 am... (John and Kate got their little boys potty-trained... there is this crazy ladder that you can crank and move while you are standing on it... the early morning news people aren't nearly as attractive as the morning anchors... see, nothing.) I sat there, on my towel, trying to doze with Peyton break-dancing every 6 minutes or so. I was trying to be reasonable while I was tired and trying to decide what to do. I decided to wait until something really happened, i.e. water-breaking, or real contractions, or pain... so I am tired today.
Mom and I went to Target and walked all over. I found lots of yummy treats to eat! I got some super cute dish towels, which I should really go and get some for Jaclyn, all I need to say is cupcakes... Mom got the girls a prize, more Princess Polly pockets ( I hate them almost as much as Mer does) for when Peyton comes, and Grammy babysits... they keep telling Peyton to come now. They want those dolls! We went to the mall after, not to shop, to walk. My feet hurt and are swollen a little more, but nothing else.
Now Merrill has gone to a concert "Armor For Sleep" (listen to "My Town", I like 'em)... at the request of his two cute little sisters. (I had to remind Mer to not throw his panties at the band...) So I am here with the girls, debating as to whether I should hop on the treadmill and see if he can get here in time. Quiet night at home, with whatever I want for dinner...
Lynn went to pre-school again today. She got to bring home "Freddy the Frog". We are supposed to document everything that Freddy does with us for the next day, well, and today too. He ribbits, "Are you sleeping", and let me tell you, I can't get enough of it!!! She is happy, so excited, so I guess that I am too. Soon, I'll have pre-school homework to do. I got a calendar for the month. Thursday is her Valentine's party.
Maybe Freddy will visit Labor and Delivery with us!


Ally0005 said...

You mean I didn't win, man I really wanted the cards.
I should have said the 14th, that was my first thought. Oh wait there is still time.
I love Freddy the frog, we had a real Fred the frog that jump out of his tank and died in the closet, cute scrap page. We think he was in love with Suzie the gold fish as he looked at her all day long. They are both in heaven now together.

BookwormMom said...

Tonight is another good night...only 1 on the board, and she's an overnight induction/first baby....so it will probably take her all night and into tomorrow....I keep looking at the labor and delivery board and hoping you're on it!!!!

jaclyn said...

oh how i miss saturday swimming! i went to target with my mommy today too! ask lynn if cade can come over and play with freddy? :)