Saturday, February 16, 2008

Eat, sleep, poop... repeat...

oUcH... notice the cute hello Kitty band-aid? Yeah, I tried to clip a nail. Not quite ready. Glad I only did one!
My sweet girl got me up every hour with the exception of 4:30 am last night/this morning. It was actually a good thing though. Since my milk came in, it helped me from getting engorged. Now tonight though, I wish she would wake up as often!
I am not scrapbooking. It hurts a little too much to sit today... tears are still better than an episiotomy...
My sweet little girls, #1 & #2... my incredible husband too... They are all too good to be true!
Last night, while posting, Lynn came downstairs, out of bed, to tell me that Peyton was awake and crying. We went back upstairs together, and she told me about how she tried to comfort Peyton. It was so sweet! It made me cry! I had to explain to her that it was a happy cry though.
"Mom, I tried to cover her arms with her blanket, because I thought she was cold. And she kept crying. So I patted her head and then I got her Pooh Bear and laid it by her so she would be happy, but I just couldn't comfort her. So a voice in my head told me to go and get you."
I was so touched that she would immediately think to comfort her instead of running to me or Mer.
She also helped Ash this morning when she got upset. She couldn't get her blanket around herself quite the way she wanted it. She started crying and Lynn said, "I can help you!"
Ash said, "Do it like mommy does it, okkaaay?" (Brooke knows how that "okay" sounds...) So Lynn snuggled her all up, and then offered to share her apple and milk with Ash, but only after she moved Ashley's chair so it could be by Lynn's.
What a good big sis!
Merrill has been grilling Lynn about any lingering spirits in heaven that might belong to our family. She insists there are more, where he keeps asking her if she is sure, or if everyone is here now. He's so funny. He's been so good to me! I love him so much! Every time he sits and admires Peyton, I have to remind him of who's idea it was. I ask him if he's glad that "I talked him into it"... He answers, "There really wasn't much talking, was there?" Now I don't know if he means how I cried about wanting another baby, or if he means how we got her... either way, she's here!


Rachael said...

Thats so sweet I hope one day Hayden will be like that with kimberly. Right now all he does is rip thing off of her and cram things in her face.

Sorry you didn't get much sleep last night, I guess that comes with the job. Thank you again for letting me us your die cut machine I'll make sure I get it back to you no later than friday!

Ally0005 said...

Kids are something else, aren't they. I'm sorry about no sleep that is no fun. Hope you can get a nap today.

BookwormMom said...

My episiotomies were much better for me than when I tore....But I'm so sorry you're hurting!!! I'm glad your girls are being so good with the makes a big difference in how you feel.

Kathy said...

I am so glad Peyton is here. And I am proud of the way you are raising your sweet babies. The pain will pass fast. Small price for a big blessing. Love Kathy