Saturday, February 2, 2008

Yesterday... today.

I finished the album...Last page...

And here's another from 2005, I really am almost done, 3 more layouts???
So yesterday...
The day picked-up where the day before had left off. I had errands to get done.
- Sam's Club (get the RIGHT pics...)
- Groceries
- JoAnn's
- Peyton's Blessing Dress...
That evening, we were meeting at my parent's for Promise to have a blessing, and for Kev. It was his birthday, and Mom was making another chocolate layer cake... yum...
So, we got all ready, and as I was getting the pictures off of my computer this time, (yes, I remembered...) I was giving Lynn and Ash the run-down of the day. When I got to going to Grandma and Grandpa's, the both got really excited. Then Lynn asked why. As I explained to her that Promise had asked for a blessing, she said, "Why don't we just say a prayer for her?"
So we had a long conversation about Priesthood blessings and Faith. When I finished my spiel about Faith, she said the smartest thing to me...
"Sometimes Faith isn't about believing in what we don't see. Sometimes it's about being tough when we're really scared." Smart five-year-old I have, eh?
We went to leave, and there was my Mer (insert a picture of a heart here), with the backhoe, ready to clear out the driveway and mailbox, again.
We got the pics, lunch, and all everything we were looking for at Sam's.
We went to JoAnn's, and I found some things that I had been looking for for a long time, I was just looking in the wrong places. The only dumb thing that I did, was leave my coupons at home on the counter...
Groceries went off without a hitch too.
The last and final errand: "the dress". I stopped at a store close to Wal Mart, hoping it would be my last stop. The girls and I went in, after a talk about how they were to touch NOTHING... We went inside and were immediately helped. All the dresses were hung up high, so the sales girl stayed right there to get them down when I wanted to look at one. I looked at a few. I was going for simple. I decided to look at one, it was okay, then another. When she got it down and haded it to me, I started to cry, in front of a complete stranger! This must be "the dress", if it makes me cry in front of someone I don't even know. We got shoes there too. I was on my way home.
Mer got home a little late, but then we were off to Mom & Dad's, we were leaving the girls there after the blessing to go on an actual date! We were very excited.
The blessing was wonderful. The girls were great during it. After some visiting, beacause that is just what happens at the Mays household, we were off on our date.
We went to McGrath's. Chowder, steak and crab legs... even the sourdough bread was delicious, I usually don't care for it. We had a great evening. To make it even better, we got to take home some of the cake mom made for Kev (really ME)!
So here are my many blessings from yesterday:
- Having such an up-lifting conversation with Lynn about Faith.
- Getting all of my errands done, without any forgetfulness (except for those darn coupons...)
- Finding a white Sharpie marker.
- Finding "the dress" at my first stop.
- Mom and Dad had to pay $0.00 on their deductible to fix Dad's car.
- Dad passed his physical to get his eye fixed.
- To be there for Promise's blessing.
- Our Date.
- Crab Legs... and butter...
- Chocolate cake.
Today was President Hickley's funeral. We watched it all together. I hope the girls never forget. It was so neat to hear what people remembered about this sweet man. I am just going to miss his seat, with him in it...


jaclyn said...

thanks for the sharpie, i'm gonna try it out tonight!

Rachael said...

Ok Mindy that's disgusting! I will guess February 14th, but PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE don't send me your placenta if I win. I do love your sense of humor though.

Ally0005 said...

Smart little girl, glad you had a great day.