Friday, February 29, 2008

Great Grandpa & Great Grandma

We had an eventful day yesterday. I was trying to be wise last night and put blogging to the side and get some much needed sleep. On pre-school days, I feel totally tapped! Lynn had fun dressing-up as a mom, yes, I forgot to snap a pic... she did get a treat for filling in her reading chart. It was mostly B.O.M minutes. After getting her from pre-school, we went to see Grandpa and Grandma Wallace. They haven't seen Peyton outside of a picture. I thought it might help Grandma, she hasn't been doing too well. We got there around noon, and mom had just managed to get her out of bed, she was eating her breakfast, and scaring the girls. She thinks that the girls should want to kiss and hug her immediately... she was looking pretty scary, that's why her pic isn't posted... ahhh!!
Grandpa was so cute with Peyton! I have felt like this is really important, that they see her... the blessing might be just a couple of weeks away, but that might be too far.

I love Grandpa! Even though he knows the girls look just like Mer, he tells me what beautiful girls we have. He looks for me in them!

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Ashley and Devan said...

What a special picture! I think Grandparents are the best! I hoped it helped your Grandma to see Peyton. You Grandpa looks like such a sweet old man.