Monday, September 22, 2008


I've gotta say, how thankful I am for such good friends.
Seriously, they are there for everything! You get support, encouragement, sympathy, empathy, laughs, memories, crying sessions (much needed at times), good times, soup, cookies.. PANCAKES.
I love to celebrate "birthdays" with good friends.. I love just goofing off and being spontaneous. I love that I can share my thoughts and feelings with my friends and not be judged. It's so funny how we are all so alike, that we can connect on so many different levels, the smallest of our personal make-up, we happen to have in common (i.e. the love of child birth, scents of candles).
I am thankful to have made many friends throughout my life. Sometimes we lose touch and get re-connected (thankfully!). In other instances, the circumstances of our lives enable us to find one another, strangers at first, fast friends soon after, sometimes we are blessed to be made family.
I am thankful for you all, for your examples, kindness, support, good laughs, and plenty of pancakes!!!
Love you all!


Six-Pack Momma said...

I know what you mean! A good friend is indespensible. (Did I spell that right?) Thanks for the button link!

Tiffany Nash said...

I to am grateful for great, compassionate friends! They are a must have when times get tough.

Julie said...

I love pancakes, too. And I really appreciate my friends.