Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dear momma,

I learned a lesson yesterday while watching “The Brady Bunch” with my bunch.

You should have given me a little sister.

(It would have been helpful if you had named her Cindy, but that probably would have caused more than a few moments of confusion, as Cindy and Mindy sound a little too alike.)

You see, Marsha (Marsha!  Marshaaaa!!) had a diary in this particular episode, she wrote incessantly about Desi Arnaz Jr. in it. 

(She was crushing on him just a little.)

Then, while collecting items for Goodwill, innocent little sis Cindy, gave away Marsha’s diary, thinking it was just some random old book.

You’ll never guess what happened next mom…  well, after Marsha freaked out, and gave little Cindy the silent treatment.  (Of course, because what else does one do when their little sister has wronged them in such a way?)

The family took every chance they could to find that old diary.  But guess who had it mom?

Desi Arnaz Jr.!!!


He returned it to Marsha, and gave her a little peck on the cheek, after saying some flattering things.

(Well, she did about him first.  He was the best thing since Captain Kangaroo in her life.)

She didn’t wash her cheek for a week (or more, I am not sure).

So mom, you see what my life could have been like?  Who did I write about in my diary?  DO you remember?  I know the New Kids were in there, but mostly, Patrick Swayze.  (Doodled hearts should be surrounding that.)  Only during the Johnny Castle phase, of course. 

Do you see how a little sister would have changed my life?!

SHE would have donated my diary to Goodwill, and Patrick Swayze would have found it..

I am sure of this mom.

I would have not washed my cheek for a week (or more I am not sure), had he pecked me there.

But oh well.  I guess life really didn’t turn out that badly.

I think I forgive you for the no little sister thing.

Love Minder


Bon said...

I see your line of reasoning here...I draw the same conclusions in my own life. Though I had a crush on the kid from Wonder years...who knows why...

Tiffany said...

I did have a little sister who told the boys I liked about it. Not as fun as you might think! ;) Good thing I love that sister of mine!

anniebobannie said...

You are hilarious! I was the little sister and while I didn't donate any of my sister's Journals, I did read quite a few of them;)!