Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ogden Temple

The temple nearest us is closing for renovations.  There will be an entire re-do of the exterior and interior.  There will also be a similar job done to the tabernacle located next door.
I grew up going to this tabernacle for Stake Conferences and other meetings. 
I also did baptisms in this temple as a youth, and went through this temple for my first time as an adult.  I have been here countless times, have seen sealings here, been with family.  My mom and dad were sealed here.
There have been many special experiences here..  so while it won’t be the same, it will be.  We look forward to all the exciting changes to come!
My brother and his wife were also sealed here, and they realized that they did not have any pictures of them at this special place.  So we figured we’d better get some before it is not the temple they knew.
ogden_temple_01 ogden_temple_02_b&w ogden_temple_05 copy ogden_temple_08_b&w ogden_temple_12 ogden_temple_13_b&w ogden_temple_19 ogden_temple_21_b&w ogden_temple_22_b&w ogden_temple_23 ogden_temple_25
(I got some of my girls too, don’t worry..)

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BookwormMom said...

I'm actually having a really hard time with the whole renovation thing...I've always loved the different design of the Ogden Temple, and I'm having a hard time accepting that it's going to look "the same" as other temples...

Oh well, Faith, right?

I love your perspective...I wish I had thought ahead to go get some pics myself!