Saturday, April 2, 2011


Remember this little guy?

Well..  he’s getting all big and stuff.

(What is going on with this?  My kiddos think it’s okay too?!)

But, he’s a cutie!


We got lots of laughs..


I loved that tongue!

jaxon_006_vintage jaxon_008_soft_b&w

This one just cracks me up..  I think he was annoyed with me a little. 

jaxon_017_vintage jaxon_011_b&wjaxon_019_soft_b&w jaxon_024_b&w  jaxon_032_vintage jaxon_027_vintage

The sweetest was when he started to get tired and fuss a little..  his beautiful mom started singing to him.

(She is a singer, has a gorgeous voice.)

Singing nursery rhymes and primary songs..  so sweet.

  jaxon_040_soft_b&w jaxon_036_vintage

My favorite…

jaxon_041_soft_b&w jaxon_043_vintagejaxon_034_burn

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