Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I used to babysit this girl, and now, I am taking her senior pictures?!
Thank you for making me feel old..
(There were other moments of that this past week, me feeling old and all..)
But what can I say, I love her!
The weather did not want to cooperate with our desires whatsoever, so we made do, at an indoor-ish location, which had great light, I might add..
jaycie_001_sharp&burnjaycie_041_sharp&burn jaycie_004_soft jaycie_005_bold_b&w  jaycie_012_sharp jaycie_019_sharp&burn jaycie_006_softjaycie_021_sharp jaycie_026_soft jaycie_028_sharp&burn  jaycie_035_sharp&burnjaycie_032_soft jaycie_033_sharp&burn  jaycie_029_bold_b&w jaycie_043_soft

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