Friday, April 13, 2012

style quiz.


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this is challenge #2 for our ffa club, and I was excited to dive right in.

I went to Homegoods site to take their quiz, totally doubtful that they could put my style in a description that makes sense.

after answering a few easy questions, they gave me my results:

mindy, you are an Earthy Casual

You're interested in creating a welcoming home where people feel comfortable and happiness flourishes. You appreciate the warmth and individuality of natural materials and handcrafted things and are inspired by colors and forms from nature. You love mixing up different textures and are sensitive to the tactile qualities of objects. Your style is grounded and solid, not flighty or frilly. And you are never taken in by the trend of the moment.

You value order. You feel happiest if your home is well organized. You understand that when your house is in order, your mind feels clearer. Rather than a lot of meaningless objects or overly-designed items, you are happier with a few well-placed things. Your home is your respite from a busy life. Try to avoid letting things into your home that you don't really love.

holy moses.

that would be me.

there are so many points that are spot on, I was kind of astonished that there really isn’t anything that isn’t me in that description. 

- yes, I want my home to be welcoming and comfortable!  I want people to feel how happy we are here.

- I am not flighty or frilly.  I hate trends (usually).  I will be the last person to hop on the color blocking trend, I was (and still am) avoiding trends like the plague.

- and what’s not to say about organized?  that is how I NEED my home to be.

(and pretty sure that is how I described my own style in my first ffa post.) 

the only thing that I can say I don’t say “ahhhh..  yes!” to, are my “happy home colors”.


given, I did purposefully paint my dining room (at the old house) in a rusty orange color called “spiced cider”, and I loved it.  up until just a few months ago, I had a wall in our family room a similar orange.  I really do love the color, and I still have accents in that color, but I just can’t have it on my walls.  as petty as it may sound, it clashed with my christmas tree.

so I started thinking about this a little further, and decided that merrill needed to take this quiz.  you know, so we could make our bedroom “our” bedroom.

(I could use the excuse that I am at home more than he is, and therefore my style should trump his, but I really do want him to feel like our home is his too..  like I want him to want to be here and such..)

giving him the quiz was kind of comical, what with some of the questions and all, but his results are pretty darn accurate.

merrill’s results:

merrill, you are an Elegant Classic

You have a refined sensibility with an appreciation for history and tradition in your furniture and your rooms. You value beauty, things that are well crafted, and family heirlooms. You are visually sensitive and understand how symmetry and a formal layout give order to a room, and hence your home is refined and calming. You are not taken in by the trends of the moment. You go for things with a timeless appeal, and appreciate old-fashioned virtues like manners and handwritten notes and making a home that is welcoming for others.

You value serenity. While there are probably a lot of interesting things in your home, they are joined by your taste or a certain palette that keeps them in harmony. You appreciate the beauty in simple forms. Whether fancy or plain, you appreciate things that are well made and function as well as they look. You also have a strong respect for the environment and craftsmanship. You care about how things are made, and how they are used.

and that would be merrill, my friends.

in an expanded part of this description, it mentions that he also doesn’t live in trends.

so we can get along.

and I love his “happy home colors”:


so maybe that is where we can get along, on our “happy home colors”?

true story:

it once took us nearly 6 months to come to an agreement on carpet.

6  months.

here’s to hoping that our bedroom can come together faster than that.


Carrie said...

I took the same quiz yesterday and I was Earthy Casual, but my colors were the same as Merrill's. I expected there to be more reds and oranges in my fav colors (since my house is done in the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue).

Janet said...

I love Merrill's colors... I'm starting to see your new bedroom. I want to help paint!

Maecy said...

Well that was fun! Apparently I am Bohemian casual. Thanks for the trip to a fun site. You and Merrill don't sound like your tastes are hopeless. Hopefully more like 6 days and decisions can come :)

hollidaisy said...

Hope you don't think I'm stalking you, I just was going through the comments over at VR to see who else had the same style as me... and there you were. I totally had the same reaction to my description, it fit to a T, but those colors weren't spot on. :)

Missy said...

Aaaahahahaha! I hate color blocking, and everything 80's fashion-wise! And, our new home has a rusty penny orange living room, which is really warm and inviting BUT it totally clashes with the Christmas tree!! My man thought I was nuts when I told him that during the holidays! Too funny!
My colors were totally on, but my description, not so much. Hmmm.