Sunday, June 22, 2008

My camera is dead...

I had some fun pics to post, but my camera battery is dead, okay, charging, so this might not be an exciting post...
Merrill began tearing up the deck last night, for some reason, it didn't look good. Hmmm... I do believe I told him 5 years ago to ditch the idea of "outdoor carpet", astro-turf to the rest of us, and trex out the deck, you know, save us. Save us from what we are now doing... tearing it up to quite possibly trex it. So now I have a big 'ol hole in my deck.
Today Ash was on one. She was spouting out movie lines all day long. Two that I can immediately recall:
"Mom, those are some pretty nice glass slippers you have there..." from one of those darn princess movies... Enchanted, maybe?
And the other one popped-out during sacrament meeting, after I had told her to be quiet... "Ow! Where is a camcorder when you need it?!" From "The Mask".
Another fav from "The Mask": when I bumped into her at lunch, "Hey... watch it chunky!" So if she happens to say that choice one to anybody, don't take it personally, blame Jim Carrey.
Sunday went pretty smoothly. The only way it could have gone better was if Peyton hadn't done her "early bird" thing again. She has been waking up around 6 am to eat, and then play. She has spoiled me by always sleeping in, so have the other two. 8 am is about the time this family is up and going. 6 am not so great for me. I should take total advantage and start getting my run in again. Oh, my size 12's are falling off :). I can slide them off without un-doing them... woo hoo!
Went to Randee's birthday BBQ that Kev planned, so cute of him! The girls had fun.
The only other thing going on of note here is that the girls are eating their weight in otter pops, and Pey thinks it is hilarious when you make a fart sound and blame it on her saying, "Oh! Peyton!!" Yeah, that gets some laughs.
Maybe tomorrow I'll post some pics. Got some good ones of the hotel... off to watch "Dan in Real Life"... thanks Christie and Randy!

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