Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Now we count down...

I have been putting this off... making a count down chain for Clint's arrival home from the land across the pond. I have been putting it off for one reason and one reason only.
The girls...
They get so excited and worked up, that I tell them of such exiciting things usually the night before so I don't have to hear for days on end: "Is today the day that ___________?" So now, with a week (about) left, I can make it, and tell them, "One more Tuesday (or whatever day it is...) until Clint comes home."
It's a funky chain, cause Clint's a funky guy. Each link has a challenge for the day on it, something fun to do to help the last days pass a little bit funner than the last two years have.
Today's challenge:
Do 9 jumping-jacks while chanting: "Clint's coming home... Clint's coming home..."
It was pretty funny watching the girls get that one out.
Other challenges include:
Saying: "Love You, Bye..." To whoever may call during the day... I think that one comes on Saturday, so if you happen to call...
And tomorrow's is to wave at the local Wendy's and send some Spicy Chicken vibes their way.
Another one, don your favorite Speedo.
And if you don't know Clint, you now know him a little bit better.

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Rachael said...

I might just have to call you saturday!