Wednesday, June 18, 2008

summer fun...

we have been having some summer fun, even though summer isn't officially here...last night we went for a swim and enjoyed some s'mores around dixon's father's day gift.
today we went to the aquatic center for spanky's (mikell) birthday. we had a refresher course on our summertime rules during the drive out. we stayed longer than we ever have before. i have two little fish and one very content baby.
on the way home, the girls went on and on about how much fun they had and how they want to go back. i thanked them for how good they were, obeying the rules and all... lynn cheered: "and nobody touched us in our swimsuit area!" yes lynn...
we really were blessed. not a single problem.
i had to stop off to show merrill that i still had three little girls. last night he made the comment that if i lost one, he wouldn't be replacing it... harharhar... he said that as i was trying to teach lynn how to swim, you know, get those floaties off... well, she kinda went a little too far and swallowed some water. so this morning, he asked me how on earth i was going to go to the pool with three small children. like i am totally incapable. i did have many happy helping hands! pey and darlene were buds. katie and lynn were pals. ash... ash is her own crazy playmate.
tonight, mer and i got the lawn done together, and he fixed the gimpy deck, mostly. we got fresh peas in the pod from darlene! and enjoyed some otter-pops. peyton likes alexander the grape. she was holding it with both hands, her teething ring on her arm. she got mad when i took it to push more up for her. see.... summertime!
*my favorite summertime kidism: ash- "why is our neighbor mulaning the grass?"
(have i said that one before?)**


Ally0005 said...

Maybe I can figure out how to do this video thing. Mine would never load after 3 hours, so I gave up.
It took my husband losing his job to see what all I do with the children. Men just don't get it.

Rachael said...

Mindy, Meline Milne said that we were the only two that were availible for scrap booking night. If that is true and you want to get together I'm up for it. If you can or can't just let me know.

My email is

Laura said...

Hey there stranger!! So glad you found me on Facebook. I do blogging stuff WAY more than I do Facebook, so keep up with me here.
How is everything going? I see you had ANOTHER girl. Looks like you have my Dad's luck. They sure are adorable though!