Wednesday, June 25, 2008

South Ogden Days '08

These fun and busy days of summer... I love it.
Today, we went out to get more ribbon... Ally, watch your mailbox... and we went to the activity days girls service car wash. We got soo much more than just a clean car, we got snow cones and a fun playtime complete with blow-up water slide, trampolines, a hammock, and swingset. It was so much fun. Those girls did a good job on my car too. There was either a big bird, or a bird with an exceptional amount of poop in it's bowels that did a number on the side of my car.. now it's gone!
Speaking of poop... :) with all of the in and out of the house kind of activities going on around here, the flies sneak right in. The girls are terrified, they think that the flies are going to eat them, or kill them, or both... So we taught them, quite correctly, that flies only eat poop. So the other night, a fly got into their room. Daddy was the hero, good thing too, because according to Ash, the fly was going to fly up her nose and get into her brain and kill her...
Another night, another fly, and this time Lynn was terrified. When I asked her what there was to be afraid of, she answered, "I am afraid it's going to fly down my shorts, into my butt, and eat my poop." She was seriously scared.
Back to my fun day...
Finished making my "curly bows"... the girls are wearing them in the pics. Then we were off to get some KFC (yum...) and go to the parade for South Ogden days. Both Kaitlyn and MiKell were in it for Bonneville. Kaitlyn with Lakettes, and Spanky with the Cheerleaders. Needless to say, we got a lot of candy. Still haven't finished the candy from Terrace Days or our primary party.
Had quite the curb crowd too. The usual suspects, Stacy, and Brooke's family who are in town. The more the merrier!
The kids were all so cute together. They are such buddies. We just hope that someday, Lynn and Ash, and Pax and "Dub", realize they really are related. They are quite lovey with each other. Ash told us that she and Wyatt kissed. Hmmm.. Lynn and Paxton just share everything and have to be near each other.
We had to go for a swim after this, for we were all terribly hot! (love the dramatics...) Ash fell in love with the diving board... and then to home for baths and bedtime books. They are all out... with a day like that, I should be too. But I am way too excited!!! Clint comes home tomorrow!!!
Oh, residual "Dan in Real Life" stuff... tell Randy (Christie) that now I am hunting down that music to have as a ring tone... see what he's done!?
I also tried the technique that a lady in our ward uses with her daughter who enjoys, or should I say can't stop, tattling. She gives her daaughter two tattles a day. That's it. I am so sick of Lynn tattling about EVERYTHING, that I tried it. I was generous and gave her three.... they were gone by 9:30 this morning.


Six-Pack Momma said...

Such cute hair bows! How did you make those?! ;)

Ally0005 said...

I love getting things in the mail, can’t wait!!!!!!!
I don't know how true this is but I heard when flies land the pee, I know gross.
Alana hates flies.
I'm going to try that tattling thing.