Sunday, June 1, 2008

I feel like dog poo...

I woke up this morning feeling like poo. Poo that has been sitting in the hot sun, then stepped in, then smeared on the ground. Yup, that bad.
I started feeling it last night, but didn't think much of it. We enjoyed an evening at Lagoon, the first of many this summer... Peyton and I walked a lot while Mer took the girls on rides. Ash is too much of a chicken to go on anything by herself. This three child thing is difficult at the moment. We got home, and I felt kinda started to feel bad then.
But this morning...
I woke up and felt really bad (that's where the smeared part comes in...) my head hurt, my throat hurt, my right ear (yes, that specific) hurt... I felt dizzy when I got up. I was pretty much useless. To make matters funner... Lynn came and told me that her "mouth hurt". After further investigation, I discovered what she really meant was that her throat hurt. Peyton wasn't happy unless she was drugged-up too, there's no her-telling-me what is bothering her... more rounds of Tylenol on mom!
I did manage to get a good nap in today, the girls were cooperative. The best cure for feeling like poo is to stay in bed with the sweetest baby ever, nurse and sleep, a lot.
Mer did church solo (thanks Christie my conductor replacement extraordinaire and others for holding down the Primary front...). I am feeling better now, but still not 100%.
Here's to lots of water and Tylenol!
Ashley was pretending to be a kitten today, I caught her licking Peyton's face...
Now how on earth could we be getting sick???


Ally0005 said...

Oh sickness, I hope you feel better soon. Dog poo Alana calls us all dog poo all the time, she thinks she is so fuuny.

stacy said...

there is a ton of crud going around. glad you had fun at lagoon. if you ever want to go we would love it. (season passes are so worth it aren't they)

Jenny said...

Hope you feel better fast! No fun...especially when summer is here!

BookwormMom said...

Hey, my crap from last Sunday turned into a lovely sinus infection...Isn't it wonderful to start off the summer sick?

Hope you're feeling better today!!!