Tuesday, June 10, 2008

start 'em while they are young...

had some errands to run yesterday... went to sports authority to get two things: a new sports bra (for some reason i am too chesty for the one i have...) and baseball socks. i began to really miss my purple ones from my comp. softball days. i ended-up coming out of that store with a few more unplanned purchases. two of which were princess mitts, ash would have much rather had "a hitter", or a bat to most people.
lynn is a natural, ash surprisingly is the girly, "close my eyes, turn my head, and stick out my mitt anywhere" type. lynn is awesome! all she wants to do is play catch now. time is now told by when we can play catch next.it's been a busy couple of days.
yesterday, errands. got more pics, (friday i printed out $50 worth... need to scrap...) one file wouldn't load when i was at sam's friday, thought i brought the right disk yesterday, but the original pic wasn't on it, aarghhh! got the cakes for the party, and mer's father's day done. went to wal-mart to hunt down frames, which i found. whatever happened to target's selection? got home, mowed the lawn, well most of it. i got the front and part of the back done. i thought we were out of gas, but there was more... played catch with lynn, made dinner, ate, then mer did the trimmer while i finished mowing. we finished off the evening with more catch, baths, and home made milkshakes. oh, and mer hit me in the head with the ball, no marks though!
ash had a rough night. she is having a rough go with her breathing. she woke up needing to go potty, but instead of getting there, ran around doing the potty dance in a half sleep stupor with her shirt pulled up. she stood in front of the tv for awhile trying to figure out what to do. she was confused, funny, but confused. we got a laugh out of it. after listening to the kind of cough she had going on, i set up the humidifier, and she did okay. not a real good night sleep for her.
i laid in bed and thought about going to the doctor, but i was nervous for what might come with that. almost two years ago, after stuffing a cooked carrot up her nose, (i was a little distracted while i was on the phone trying to explain to my mother why merrill and i weren't having a baby right then, i was so distracted by this conversation that a boy i was tending at the time even began showing my sweet little girls what made him a boy...) ash started to get an atshma-ey sounding cough and cry. i took her to the doctor, cause i wasn't sleeping too well then either, and told him what was up. he was quite surprised to hear what i knew and asked if i was a nurse. i love it when doctors have that reaction, yes, i do know some stuff. i do have the internet... anywhoo... he gives us an antibiotic, saying she probably has an upper-respiratory infection, she hasn't coughed or cried for him to her how she sounds, yet. i was kind of annoyed, because he said he could hear some wheezing but didn't think it was asthma. so then she cried. he stopped mid-sentence while giving me dosing instructions, and said, "that sounds like an asthmatic cry." duh... so we got her a prescription for an inhaler. he told me that it had only one fill for it, that if she needed more then we would have to go back for more extensive allergy testing to get it pinned down and under control. so i haven't wanted to go back and put her through all of that. a friend has been generous enough to let us use her nebulizer and albuterol (she is a respiratory therapist...) then her son got asthma, and we haven't had it around for a while so ...
so today, i hopped in the shower, really didn't try to do my hair, (yup, i looked super cute!) to get her to the doctor before the primary activity. it all worked out. got her inhaler prescription refilled, got advice on allergy meds, and got to the church on time to set up for our party. what's even better than just the refill, when i told him, well, reminded him (leaving out the allergy testing part...) about what went on before, he gave us 2 refills of the inhaler and a coupon to get the first one free, an half off the next. woohoo!
so we got that all filled, i also bought myself a treat that i can have only when i am srapbooking... and we got home. yes, to play catch. now, everyone is fed and happy, and to prove it:
my sweet peyton... who is making it so i can type one-handed!
she has been doing some fun stuff too: she reaches for toys, can hold them for a micro-second, she watches her feet and laughs at them, and she has started to stick her spare finger up her nose while she sucks on the other two...
now that was a mouthful!

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