Friday, May 30, 2008

Ahhh... those days...

Ninth Grade... we were such goofballs!
After seeing Jon at Sam's club, I began to reminisce about all of the silly things that we used to all do together.
This year, we wanted to have a picture in the yearbook of all of us together. We were all in our own clubs' pictures, but never all of us together. The closest we got was track, and they still took those in separate teams, the boy team and the girl team, so not all of us together. Plus we just wanted to see if we could really get away with it.
So we made-up our own club.
The "Students Of America", otherwise known as "SOA"...
In order to get in the year book, and be called down on picture day to get the desired pic, we needed an advisor. So Which teacher was cool enough to do just that? Lie, act like it was a real club, pose in the pic, etc... Mr. Adams. He was awesome. I asked him if he'd do it during German. He said okay, without a single question. He rolled like that.
Mrs. Waddoups, the secretary with the nasal-ey voice, called us liars when we told her she forgot the "SOA" and needed to call our club down over the intercom. So we told her to talk to Mr. Adams to verify the legitimacy of our little-known club.
So here we are... in the year book... unfortunately not everyone responded to the call, some claimed that they didn't hear, I think that others were too chicken... Kevin B..... We pulled it off.
Those were some fun days.

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