Thursday, May 1, 2008

5 things to know about ashley...

sarah re-tagged me and i love it!!! (so don't be surprised if you get re-tagged for another one of your kiddies... and you had better love it too!)
#1- ash has been a rebel from the start. she was born october 5th, 2004, weighing in at 8 pounds 2 ounces (my doc. told me i wouldn't be able to have babies over 8 pounds vaginally... we'll see about that! i.e see peyton...) ash came via c-section for a combination of many reasons, the one i think was the biggest: she wouldn't turn... i imagine her inner monologue went something like this:
"oh, you're pushing now. do you think i am ready?
i'll stall, i'm so comfy...
so you're still bugging me?
you won't stop pushing?
so you think you want to have a vaginal birth?
ha! (she turns her chin up, or down, depending on how you look at it...)
oh, you think that
your pushing will get me to turn?
(more pushing...)
now i've shown you! i am stuck! they'll have to cut me out!"
(laughing victoriously.)

you can see a slight bruise on her head in this pic...
she still is a rebel see "the kernel" post... tell her to blow, she sniffs! #2- she loves, or "lubs" in ashley speak, her sisters... no, she really does! #3- she has two different laughs. one that is this quiet little squeaky laugh, sounds almost like a quiet hiccup. the other, a snort! #4- she "lubs bood"... translation: loves food. if there are no "froot loops", we will buy some by the end of the day. she tries everything, and usually loves it, never complains. she ate el matador salsa with a spoon ever since she could feed herself! loves it to this day... at dinner, she always tells me, "mommy, this is dah-licious!"
she sleeps with her hands down her pants, or shorts... i sadly don't have any pics of that... but i am sure you can imagine...
we tag:
- anna k.
- zack a.
- kimmy h.
- jock p.
- sophie m.


Ally0005 said...

No problem, I'll do it. At first look I didn't thik you tagged me, and I thought what, she didn't tag me. That's what I get for reading blogs early in the morning.

Brooke said...

she can take some funny pictures!

Rachael said...

What would you do with out her? She's the one that will most likely give you gray hairs huh? ;)