Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rain, rain, go away!

While I admit that I do enjoy a good old thunderstorm, I really wished that the rain would have relented long enough for us to have some fun "outside time" for our Memorial Day.
Instead, we stayed inside, we did grill with the rain marinating our meat... but no traditional "first dip of the season" at the pool. We had kind of planned to get some work done outside, Merrill to mow the lawn, me cleaning out the car and getting our back yard whipped into shape, maybe get some tomatoes into the ground... nope, not even close.
We finally got so bored of being inside, that in the evening when the rain was put on pause, we went out to the cemetery, with flowers in hand, and visited Grandma's grave. The girls all fell asleep on the way out, but Peyton was the only one who was happy to be there.I bribed the girls to smile by reminding them of what it sounded like when I burped, "I love you", to them. (A longer story for a longer day...)
After, we drove to Mer's parents house, visited Great-Grandma, and bowled... so we did end up having fun.
Today I got groceries done, mowed the front lawn for Mer, got the car cleaned-out, Armor-alled, and even got the garage started on. The girls both mastered the bike and trike (well Lynn the one, and Ash the other...) but there were tantrums during... Lynn had a pre-school day (only on left!) so the tiredness contributed to the fits. She did get afternoon kindergarten!!!
So, got a lot done today. Mer was so happy to come home to a well-manicured front lawn, he'd been dreading doing it... and the lesson I learned from visiting Grandma P., from Marriner Wood Merrill's Journal, was even if my day is documented in one line, some one some day, will be reading it... okay... this post was two days, more than one line... but on those other days, knowing that will help!


Ally0005 said...

Here we go all day Kindergarten 7:45-2:15. yes it's a long day for the kids. Glad you got some things done.

stacy said...

lets get together and play! yeah, it is summer.