Sunday, May 18, 2008

Same Game....

She makes me smile...So you'd think that Sundays are nice and relaxing, right? Umm... not my life these days.
Home life is great. It's that place where you are supposed to be able to go and find peace, refuge, that is making me crazy.
How crazy?
Crazy enough that "my girls" (not MY girls...) and I are planning a Presidency Meeting, really a binge, purge (bad feelings, not the goodies) and unload session...
On the comedy home front:
Lynn and Mer got back from their delivery and set-up last night around 8:30 pm. Merrill told Lynn that she did so good, he paid her a dollar, just like his dad did when he was 5 and he helped deliver and set-up trampolines too. They went and got a drink, and he let Lynn pick out a treat, whatever she wanted. She picked a piece of gum... when she hadn't opened it in the truck on the way home, he asked her why not... she answered, "We're not supposed to have teats until after dinner. That's a rule of our house." He was so proud of her.
Later that night, inappropriately enough right before we said family prayers... Mer had said something about money, and I teased him saying what was his is mine anyways. He laughed, "What do you mean?"
Me: "Well I was going to tell you I'd pay you a million dollars to have S-E-X (I spelled it out..) with me, and I'd write you a check... ha ha... joint checking?"
Then Merrill did his annoying, "Ah-Haw Haw Haw..." snooty french snorty laugh...
Then Lynn said: "Why did you spell sex to dad?" She said it, didn't spell it.
Merrill just laughed while I was shocked.
"How do you know that's what I spelled?"
"Why did you say it?"
"To be funny... now tell me that's how you know what S-E-X spells?"
"Family Guy..."
"What does D-O-G spell?"
"I dunno..."
Yup, Merrill has ruined my sweet little girl...


Six-Pack Momma said...

Look on the bright least it was in your own home and not on the playground ;O)

Emalee said...

hahaha that has got to be the funniest thing ever!!! pretty soon you are not going to be able to spell ANYTHING!!! Sex......hahaa