Thursday, May 15, 2008

aaahhhhh... [sigh]

so "the phone call" finally came...
can you say "relief"? boy, i sure can. nothing like having fresh, cleaned-out air! understanding is awesome, even when it takes two days to get it.
it's official... peyton is getting bigger. i had to adjust her straps in her car seat so they would sit just above her shoulders instead of down behind her back...
we went and watched as they poured and leveled the hotel floor. the machinery they use is so cool! the girls really enjoyed watching, it took a while to get them to want to come home with me. i wanted to get my hands around some tylenol, i could feel the beginning of a tension headache... hhmmm... what could have been giving me tension???
ashley's new saying: "that breaks my beelings..." (remember, b = f in "ashley speak"...)

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