Thursday, May 22, 2008


peyton and i have been talking... we needed tonight.
got home a little while ago from our "presidency meeting"... we got a lot talked about, not all of it relative to primary... but that's a typical meeting for us.
i realize that it was inspiration to call these women, my friends, to be with me at this time in, not only primary, but in my life.
you guys have helped me out so much! we not only grow and bond serving together in our callings, but in sharing personal experiences and the wisdom we have gained in our own lives, we are establishing roots that go much deeper... i am realizing that i needed you for so much more than "church stuff" right now in my life.
see, someone knows more than we do, has a plan for us. makes me glad that i listened to this one ;)
so if your hubby is sour, or has a ? look on his face, tell him i said thanks, i really needed tonight, or yesterday night... whatever...
christie, julie, & jen...
i love you guys!!!


Six-Pack Momma said...

Awww...I feel loved. Thanks! I needed that, too.

BookwormMom said...

All I had to say was... Mindy needed to talk, and we needed to listen. And although I got the lecture "you should have called at 10 when you realized you were going to be later.." (yes, I know, and I apologized profusely)...He was all good with it. Although he was (purposely, I swear) very LOUD while getting ready for work the next morning...It was just his way of letting me know he was irritated with me.