Monday, October 13, 2008

Eight Months...

Here she is...Torturing me with all of her eight month old cuteness...I can hardly believe that this year has gone by this fast!She is:
-saying "Ooooohhh!" a lot, I should post the video Mer took of that...
-standing (started that yesterday, she'll do it in 5 second spurts...)
-talks to us (in Peyton speak) and uses her hands...
-has figured out how to get under, over, or around just about anything (chairs as baby gates at the top of the stairs, not working anymore. She can get under the chair...). I should also include up. Up the stairs, up and on top of any low stool...
-is now beginning to understand object permanence... no more hiding the remote :)
-squeals with excitement for her sisters... occasionally for me, usually for Merrill.
-throws little mini fits, but it is so cute! She waves her arms like a fanatic.
-LOVES the tub! If she hears tub water pouring, she's crawling as fast as she can to get there. She also tries to throw herself into the tub... head first of course.
-pulls herself up on anything, it doesn't have to be stable, just taller than her, and grip-able. That plug-in night light, yeah, it works just fine!
-she is our new best little vacuum ever! She gets up all of those annoying little scraps of paper, lint, and dried up specks of fluorescent green play dough...
-loves to give open-mouth kisses. She'll give you even more if you cheer loudly after the first one. She loves to give the girls bedtime kisses too as they lay in their beds.
-claps for everything.. yeah!!!
-enjoying more solid foods.
-says ""ccccaahhhk!"...What I am doing:
-vacuuming, A LOT.
-trying to find a better baby gate... I call it vigilance.
-bagging up all of those Barbie and Kelly shoes... I think the vacuum took care of the Polly Pocket ones ;)
-taking out night lights.
-filling the un-plugged outlets with safety plugs.
-sharing bites of my food, especially ice cream and root beer floats.
-clapping and saying "Yeah!" A LOT.
-saying "bleh!" and "ccccaahhhk!" A LOT.
-giving lots of baths!
-giving and getting lots of kisses, and then wiping my face, with a beach towel ;)
-loving every minute of it.
But now she's not feeling too well :(... hopefully it's just teeth.


Jamie said...

What a cutie!! Time always goes by way too fast...

Brooke said...

she is just so dang cute!

The Anderson's said...

She is so cute. Babies are so fun

Laura said...

She is just the cutest! How do you even stand it?

Ashley and Devan said...

She is the such a pretty little girl! I think she looks a lot like Ash.. what do you think? You girls are all darling!

Annie said...

soooo cute... What a fun, but hard age (all of the baby proofing).

She has the prettiest eyelashes.

Six-Pack Momma said...

I'll say it again- she's perfect!

Natalie said...

Yeah, I want to eat her cheaks for dessert. Dessert.....mmmmmm (distant memory) OK enough about me..back to Peyton. I really do want to steal her...maybe just for an afternoon?

Platt Family said...

Happy eight months, you cute little thing!