Saturday, October 11, 2008

What up?!

We've been keeping busy... that's how life is!
We had josh over the other night. Boys sure are fun! I just wonder if he feels the same way about little girls (note Ashley's expression)... our little girls to be more specific.
Last night, Mer's mom and dad took the two older girls to a Bonneville game to watch Kaitlyn and MiKell. We enjoyed dinner at El Matador with Pey. Everyone there missed the girls :(. It was chilly at the game, despite me bundling them up... but they sure had a good time! Love the shirts! Thanks Darlene and Dixon!
We also had a hands on (or should I say mouth on) lesson why we don't leave certain things where Pey can reach... Lynn has a hard time remembering this... her blue marker was the victim.
Today at Super Saturday for our Tri-Ward Relief Society activity, I finished Peyton's scarf. I had finished her beanie a while ago... this was the closest I could get to "Peyton Green"... I wish I could have found something more vibrant... It was fun to sit and visit!
Now she is ready for all of this cold weather and the little bit of snow we got today. Yes, snow.
We had such a darling speaker while we ate lunch today. She was the mission President's wife, Sister Joyce. What a cute lady! She said so many things that I want to remember forever! Christie said it best when she said, "I just wish I had a tape recorder!" I agree.
She talked about how we are all daughters of God. That we should be treated as such. She talked about personal revelation, Atonement experiences, how we shouldn't feel like we should have to do "everything". She also talked about priorities. I learned many important lessons.
One lesson:
"Is there a dog in the room?"
She related an experience she had with a young woman when she was teaching seminary. This girl spoke to her mother in such a disrespectful tone, Sister Joyce asked her, "Is there a dog in the room? Because I know you wouldn't speak to your mother that way." I'm gonna pull that one out on the kids when they get mouthy with me, with one another too.
Another lesson:
"Be Still."
When I am running around as a mother, I need to be still. Sure, there are lots of things that need to be done, many things that I want to do. However, I need to pause, be still, and listen. I need to be able to receive promptings and revelation and I can't make myself too busy to hear.
I was so thankful for this afternoon. I felt like a half-full cup. After going there, I feel full to the brim!
Merrill was so sweet and took such good care of all the girls, holding Peyton and snuggling her as she napped!
I am so blessed!


Brooke said...

i suddenly have the urge to go to joanns and get yarn for Evan and new baby a beanie!

Brooke said...

HA! I just got back from JoAnns... Austin was so sweet to drive me out there... :)

Ally0005 said...

Snow??? Oh my!!!
May use the dog in the room, as I have a mouthy 8 year old these days.
Being still is what I've been doing. Soon I will be back blogging.
I dreamed about you night. HA you want to know what they dream was about????????????????

Mindy said...