Sunday, October 12, 2008

Things that make you go, hmmmm...

Waking up to this much snow... in October!
Gum in Ashley's hair, discovered in not enough time...
Not enough time to remove it humanely and painlessly.
I should have cut it.
I didn't have enough time to try any other method, so I combed it out.

On some science show on Food Network, they did an experiment testing different methods of gum removal, specifically removing it from hair.
Same gum, same method of getting it in the hair (someone smooshed it in), but four different methods of removing it. Each person had been given the same tools to help in the removal process (i.e. comb, towel, I think water...), but were each given one extra thing to help get the gum out.
#1- Comb (well, they all had that...)
#2- Ice
#3- Peanut Butter
#4- Canola oil
Do you know which one worked the fastest and got all the gum out at once?
The canola oil. They just massaged it into the hair and gum, and it all came out in one piece.
I didn't have the time to do that, and wash it multiple times to get out all the oil.
I had sharing time to get all set up, and the talk for opening exercises (Brother Marsh was sick and no one else was prepared...) so I had to do that too. Not to mention we had the snow to contend with in getting to church....
With the world and the economy being the way they are, wars, human nature in general, and this kind of crazy weather, makes me think more and more about the second coming.
Something else to get those thoughts rolling:
In mom's patriarchal blessing, it tells her that her children will be in positions of authority in the church when Christ comes again...
-Ken, in Elder's Quorum Presidency
-Joe, in Elder's Quorum Presidency
-Me, Primary President
-Kev, new calling, which is in leadership...


Jenny said...

Holy Moly! I can't believe you woke up to that much snow! Kind of depressing....hopefully it will melt and not stay until next March!

Nathan said...

Canola oil??? I'v heard of peanut butter, but never oil...

Ally0005 said...

I was reading your blog as my girls came up. I said "look snow in Utah."
Alana said "I love snow in Utah", What's Utah?