Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Blog!

I know, cheesy... but today is a first birthday for my blog.
I have shared happy times, sad times, funny times, stressful times, and many pictures to go along with all of those feelings... I have made many new friends, gotten to know current friends a lot better, and have reconnected with old friends.
It all started out as a goal to keep a personal record, to be able to record those funny things the kids do and say, a way to keep track of those small, daily blessings that President Eyring says we'll be able to look back on someday and see how the hand of the Lord has blessed our lives. It may sound corny, but this blogging thing has been such a blessing...
I am thankful.
And I am thankful for all of my bloggin' buddies!
If you are one of them, go here... (give away!)
For those of you wondering about a birthday cake, I considered it, but settled on a Root beer float... remember, I am addicted!


Tiffany Nash said...

Happy Birthday! I love to read your blog it always makes me smile.

Annie said...

Happy blog birthday (a day late)! It has been so much fun to reconnect with you. I love reading your blog.

That talk by President Eyring really had a big impact on me too. I went from writing in my journal twice a year to writing in it everyday, but three days in the last year. There are so many blessings that come from keeping a record.