Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Grocery Shopping Buddy...

This is my little grocery shopping buddy doing what she does best, be goofy and ham it up.
The other day while shopping, Ash skipped down the aisle in front of me and Peyton jabbering this to complete strangers, ending it with a cheesy grin. A couple of aisles over, we ran into a woman from our ward. Once she saw us, she said, "My what fun you must have grocery shopping with your little buddy here. I could hear her two aisles over and she was cracking me up!"
So, I know it's dark... but just listen to her... she's a crack up!

She also spouted some some more funny material as Christie took them one evening to her house.
"Keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times, sit down and enjoy the ride!"
Then this morning, as she rolled out of MY BED, she said, "Mom! I am SO brave! Huh?!" I guess I should celebrate the fact that she came all the way from her room to mine without freaking out loud enough to wake me...

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