Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Funny girls...

The girls are cracking us up non-stop, like usual...
Lately, they have been asking us if something is "a good word", or if we shouldn't say it. They keep asking us if shoot is a good word. To which we always answer, "yes". Merrill even overheard a conversation between the two, discussing what are "good words" and what they consider to be "bad words". He said they had settled on shoot being a good word to say. So we hear it a lot these days. Today, while running errands, Ash says, "Mom, what the shoot is this?"
At dinner tonight, Ash couldn't stop smiling. Lynn said to her, "Why are you smiling?"
Ashley replied, "Because smiling's the best!"
Can you tell we have been watching "Elf" a bit too much?
Lynn thinks "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" is hilarious. She makes us go back and re-play scenes over and over again. Then she giggles so hard, she has to say "excuse me", because she lets a few little farts eeek out.
Tonight, for our family Christmas activity that we have been trying to do nightly.. last night we made sugar cookies... tonight we made this yummy treat discovered at bake day, and then feasted upon it while we watched some Disney Christmas cartoon classics. Merrill has loved these since he was a little boy, he was so excited I found them on DVD at Target, ahhhh... love Target! As "Pluto's Christmas Tree" started, he said, "Don't mind if I start to tear up over here... good memories, that's all."
The girls really enjoyed it too. "Mickey's Christmas Carol" will be a family tradition from here on out!


Emalee said...

HAHAA shoot! I always say what the eff is this but started to say what the H what the A what the J instead of eff. What the shoot is good! I am going to have to use it.

kdance10 said...

Thats so funny my girls do the same thing. sounds like you guys have been having fun.

stacy said...

the boys do the same thing...granted half the things dubby says you can't understand anyway!
the last time i really remember where old blue was, was in my purse at thanksgiving at dixon and darlenes. allan should be calling them today. and yes there are plenty of noteworthy things to post about, but don't you think that picture tell a thousand words?
i really want to go to the christmas light downtown, wanna go?

jaclyn said...

just showed my kiddos mickey's christmas carol for the same reason, good ol memories! thanks for the cookies... i'm ready for friday!