Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Funny stuff...

The kids have been on a roll lately... I need to post the funnies!
The girls have been so focused on the "eating meat = eating animals" thing. Every night, well, the nights we eat meat, they would ask, "What does this come from?" We would answer, pig, cow, chicken, etc. In astonishment, they would reply, "I don't want to eat a dead (chicken, cow, pig) body!"
So on Thanksgiving, the question was asked, "What does this come from?" to which we answered, "It's Turkey."
"Was it alive?"
"Yes, at one time."
"You want us to eat that?"
"You've had it before. You liked it."
"But it's a dead body!"
So Merrill eats a drumstick and traditionally, hands off the remainder to Ashley to pick clean. Ashley picks at it for a minute or two, then says, "What if the turkey wakes up, and looks down, and says: 'AHHHHH!! One of my legs is gone!!' Wouldn't that be crazy?!"
Later that day, at my mom's, she had the relish tray out. Ashley loves olives, let me tell you... and she ate every last olive from that relish tray. She very excitedly ran to me and exclaimed, "Mom! I JACKED all of grammy's olives! I am an olive girl..."
Lynn starred as "Baby Jesus" in the "Book of Mormon" movie, a fact that she is ever aware of and very proud of. MiKell and one of her friends even gave her the title of "movie star", which she proudly calls herself now, thanks MiKell... Up at Merrill's parents on Thanksgiving, Dixon was showing Ashley one of their Nativities, pointing out the different people in the scene. He got to baby Jesus, and said, "And there's baby Jesus."
Lynn was walking past and said, pointing down at her own head, "Yup, here's baby Jesus... that's me!"
Last night we were enjoying our family home evening, we don't always get a structured lesson in, but have an evening of no TV and fun. We have been trying to sing the books of the New Testament song, saying the names of the books correctly :), and were having quite a bit of fun singing it in silly voices. Afterwards, we popped some popcorn in the hot air popper. We have done this so many times, and Lynn is still amazed at the contents of an un-popped kernel of corn. As the kernels got hot enough to pop, Lynn got so excited. "Mom! They are just exploding all over the place! The corn is turning into popcorn!"


Jamie said...

Kids are too funny!

Jenny said...

Wow! So many posts in a row! Your done nursing and I am about to begin exactly a year later! Crazy! So, who is the new primary pres anyways? I would enjoy the no calling thing if I were you. It won't last long:) Happy Thanksgiving! Your meal looks divine!