Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Lately, for the girls these days, the on-going question is about who they are related to, and who their friends are. They are already plotting who they will woo, and subsequently marry... watch out!
Usually the conversation starts out:
"Mom, can I marry Paxton/Wyatt?"
"No, you are related."
"What does related mean again?"
"That you come from the same family."
"Am I related to Nathan?"
"Am I related to Brandon?"
"Am I related to Alec?"
"Is Mason related to us?" (Mason is in trouble... he's stringing along all three of my little girls!"
And so it goes. They usually pick a future husband out for one another and that name is most likely found somewhere in the ward directory...


Emalee said...

hahaa the Ward directory. I wonder if we ever did that growing up.

stacy said...

so cute, wyatt does the same thing. and of course it is always ashley he is going to marry. wyatt then informs paxton that he can marry lynn. i too have had the "you are cousins/family" talk. i don't think it is clicking....wyatt is a "SPECIAL" child, but we love him!

Natalie said...

Mason is in trouble! If he marries one of your you think it would be acceptable that I still eat thier cheeks in the wedding line? I can't take it...I just need to smooch those cute faces!!

I do think Mason is a catch...but I'm a bit prejudice. He'll be a great Dad. (tear)

Nathan said...

Hmm...I agree with Natalie. Mason should definitely be for one of them! :-D