Friday, March 27, 2009


-Below is an overload (for some) of pictures documenting the last week of my life.. proceed at your own discretion..
I warned you!

This is a flashback to the last week.. we are still trying to get back to "normal" around here..
Helping dad organize his new office.. and find a desk..
Peyton's new favorite activity, which I love: she hooks her little arm around my neck and snuggles in..
We slept.. pretty much crashed into the bed at the end of the day everyday!
Had a sleepover at the hotel..
I must note that everyone slept through the night, no wakey-uppies.. except me.. the alarm clock was on my nightstand, Ash decided to turn it on.. it was set at midnight.. I want a King sized bed, preferably the one we slept in, yes, the EXACT ONE.. think you can swing that one hon? :)
Spent the weekend hunting for the perfect bunk beds (or "bonk" beds, as we call them here).. found them at John Paras.. the girls love them!!
"Alvin the Alligator" is visiting..
Built a fort underneath the kitchen table.. I was feeling not so hot Monday.. it kept the girls busy..
They even slept in it that night..
Played "Snow White".. Lynn was the Evil Queen.. she gets to wear the cape, that was her motivation, she really doesn't have the desire to be evil.. but look at that face!
And we tried to see just how far we could pull up our pajama pants.. see how silly we could possibly look..
Ash wears them well :D
Peyton's new love of playing cars.. she even makes her own sound effects.
Proud moment :)
Made cookie dough..
..and ate some..
Anyone interested in a plate? :)
Washed those dishes (of course) with help..
Hoping that I can get back into a rhythm... I had 258 e-mails yesterday :O
Here's to hoping ;)


Rachael said...

...And I thought you might have gotten lost in the abyss that is the hotel! Glad to see you made it home safe, and with your limbs in tact so you could type.

kdance10 said...

Well welcome back. I have missed reading your posts almost daily:) But glad to see all is going great with the hotel. Hey question do they do like scapbooking nights there by chance?

Mindy said...

Totally!! And Merrill said he'd give us the best space (if it's not being used..) soon.. I also want to do a mini cake decorating class.. interested? :)

Ally0005 said...

Glad to see you back, missed you.
Your girls seemed like they were having a great time. Payton is hilarious in her pajama pants as is Ash. And Payton in the dishwasher. Lynn's face would scare me.
While Phil was away on business I told him I needed a three day scrapbooknig retreat.

BookwormMom said...

I've been worried that something was wrong, and hoping it was just business with the hotel...but with my own business with my sister's wedding, I haven't had timet to check in with you!

I'm totally game for a mini cake decorating class as well as scrapbooking...this weekend I'm attempting a princess castle cake for Talia's birthday party!

Mindy said...

Oh!! Come here Ally!! :D I do have a room for you...

Bonnie said...

Cute catch up post. What fun stuff for the kids to stay at the hotel. They must love it!