Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Here's a cute one of two of my lucky charms.. Lynn was mad at me for some reason..
There was drama today.. I'll try to give the short version.
We haven't had the best school year this year.. to sum it up in Lynn's words, when asked how she likes her teacher, "Not so much.."
Today, I dropped her off a little late.. maybe 10 minutes. I rationalize by saying that the teacher doesn't always open up her door on time.
Well, I dropped her off, and left.
Lynn went to her classroom, where the lights were all off, and no one was there.
She went back to find me.
But I was gone, remember?
She decided to run home.
But in the opposite direction.
A sister from our ward found her, and helped her.
(Thankful for answered prayers. I don't even want my mind to go to the possibilities of what would have happened.. I shudder.)
Lynn's teacher sent them to class next door, and she laid down, behind her desk, in the dark, because she wasn't feeling well.
Still, so un-impressed..
She told Lynn to pass the message along to me, that I shouldn't drop her off late..
I'll be meeting with her principal tomorrow.
To which Lynn asked, "Can he fire her?"
Now how do you think she feels about her teacher?
It was a nice day today..
We went for a walk after dinner...


Nathan said...

Teachers like that drive me nuts...just do your job, would ya?! Plus the whole late thing REALLY isn't a big deal. At all. Especially at her age! Ugh...

In other news, I LOVE the picture of Pey in the stroller :-D

BookwormMom said...

That is completely inappropriate!(Miss A) I'm so glad someone found Lynn before she got too lost...I'm glad you're meeting with the principal!

Oh, and your girls' shirts are darling!

kdance10 said...

That is so sad. I don't think i would be to happy about that either:( They sure looked cute in there cute shirts.

Rachael said...

They are so cute! Ashley is a crack up, I love her smiles.

Bonnie said...

That is so scary! I am glad Lynn is ok. I can't believe that teacher!

Brooke said...

ashley has a twin in the first picture! i always said they looked alike but holy smokes... they are exact in that picture