Monday, March 2, 2009

More funnies...

Yesterday, right was Sacrament meeting started, Ashley whispered to me, "Mom.. can you teach me to walk in the light?"

It was Laker appreciation day the other day at our house.. it must have been.. the girls both wanted to wear their cheerleader outfits.. Lynn took hers off, to don her swimsuit. We needed to get to the bank, and take care of our deposit, so I told her to get her other outfit on. She had everything on but the tank, to go over the turtleneck. When I told her to put it on, she got mad. So I put it on her. She said to me, "Now I look like a 'public school' girl!!" Hate to break it to you babe, you are one.

After watching "Pirates of the Caribbean", Ashley went about setting "booty traps" around our house :)

Lynn saw the sprinkles on our Valentine cupcakes, and said, "I think they must be mini gumballs!"

I burned the bacon, one night when we were having french toast for dinner.. the girls were grossed out. I kinda like it. I asked them why they didn't. Lynn answered, "Because it tastes gross!" but Ashley answered, "Because burned bacon tastes BORING."

Another movie one.. we watched the "Back to the Future" series, which confused the girls immensely (entertaining us..) but gave them their new favorite line to say to all of us, "Heeloooo.. McFlyyyyy!!"

After Peyton's latest doctor's appointment, we went to have lunch down at the warehouse with Merrill. I was telling him all about the appointment, what the doctor had to say, and I must have been using the word "issue" quite a bit, because soon, Ashley was fake sneezing: "ISSUE!! ISSSSSUE!!" With the head movement and all.
Right after that, Lynn says to me, "Have you talked to Dr. Rootbeer lately?" She would always call Dr. Bierer, my OB, "Dr. Rootbeer" or "Dr. Pepper". She remembered his name differently, and Beer is bad for us, she says :)

Lynn blessed the food last Sunday, and threw in, "Bless that we will be nice to our BORHTERS AND SISTERS... if we have them.." I had to ask her if she knew something that I didn't know ;)

I offered the girls some pineapple juice the other day, I love it.. Ashley says, "I don't like pineapple cause it tastes too spiky."

So here's the best, part two of Ashley's "honkey" fetish:
We were shopping at the neighborhood Wal-Mart, on the baking isle.. or was it the cereal.. anyways, I stopped to examine my list, and a woman, a very nice (I am sure) African American woman, stops right behind me, looking at something on the shelf. My back was to her, but if I turned to the side, our shoulders would have been touching, she was that close to us.
Ashley proceeds to say, "Mom, I'm a HONKEY, huh?"
Fully conscious of the woman behind me (very nice, and smiling I am sure..) I say quietly, "Not now Ashley.."
"But mom!! YOU ARE A HONKEY TOO!!"
I am blushing, yet giggling silently now, as I hope this very nice woman (which I am sure of..) is as well, and I am telling Ashley to sush.
"..and dad's a HONKEY... and Lynn's a HONKEY.. and Pey's a HONKEY..."
At that point, I began pushing the cart away, and hoped that this woman (very nice I am sure..) didn't think that we have taught our four year old, every racial slur possible..

And right now, they are laughing hysterically at "Superman Returns" being televised in Spanish..


Six-Pack Momma said...

Oh, I love it! Those girls.....

Ashley and Devan said...

Your girls are so funny. You must smile all day long!

Tiffany said...

I love the booty traps! That's hilarious!

Bonnie said...

lol! I am laughing so hard right now! I your kids crack me up!

Natalie said...

Awesome! Love the stories girl....I think we have some booty traps set at our house too!

BookwormMom said...

Thanks for the laughs!!!

Promise said...

OHHHH...the "honkey" thing is hilarious! Im impressed you didnt just bust up laughing. Not that it is funny...but it is! Oh Ash!