Friday, March 20, 2009

The follow-up post..

So I met with Lynn's principal yesterday, I was heard!!
He was very understanding, and horrified to hear what I had to tell him.
Apparently he knew of Miss A's illness, after the day had ended.. she and her co-hort had neglected to tell him of the incident with Lynn and the stranger (to them) who returned her.
He didn't like that.
But he has a plan, for all of my issues with this teacher.
I am reassured.
And, as I ponder on it more, there's only two months left of this circus anyway :D


GRAMEE said...

it is so nice when they actually listen.
its sad when a kindergartner doesn't like their so sets the tone for the rest to her schooling. hope she gets the BEST next year.

Ally0005 said...

I'm glad you were heard. I've had my share of problems. It will be interesting to see what happens when Alana start school next year.

The Mom said...

I am not sure how I first came across you blog but I love it. I too have a daughter in Kindergarten and we also have a less than desirable teacher. It makes me so sad that you have a room full of kids that want to learn and do well and a teacher who chooses to be lazy, rude and a poor role model. We are homeschooling in addition to the 1/2 day she is in school just to ensure she is up to speed and ready for first grade. I am so looking forward to summer!