Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Some little girl drama/humor today..
We were driving home from picking up little Lynnie-Lou when Ashley starts to panic..
"Mom!! Boogers are sliding out of my nose!!"
That is Ashley speak for "I have a runny nose".
I calmly tell her that we'll be home in just a minute to chill out. Just as I finish that sentence, Lynn yells: "IT'S NOT BOOGERS!!!! IT"S BLOOD!!!! ASHLEY IS DYING!!!!!"
Sure enough, when I turn to look, it's blood. Not just a smear, but a steady stream, and a steady drip as it runs over her top lip.
I sped up.
She began panicking the rest of our way, "Am I really dying mom?"
Girls.. :D
In other news, we are online!!


Rachael said...

Poor Ashley, hopefully she lived.

They forgot to put on the website... 1.7 miles to Manager Merrill Picther's house, with free amenities... such as baby sitting, scrapbooking, Sewing 101, Jewelry making, Cake decorating, Caking and Potty training.

Maybe you should talk to the manager of the place and get that sorted out. ;)

Ally0005 said...

Oh my girls. Hope she better now.
Glad you are online. We love Best Western's and try to stay at them where ever we go.

Rachael said...

It's supposed to say -Cooking- after the cake decorating.

Bonnie said...

Cute cute girls! Hope the bloody nose was ok. Will have to talk the hubby into being a new customer at Best Western for a getaway!

Promise said...

Oh Ash...poor thing! I am glad she didn't die! Tell her we love her! =) I love that she had boogers sliding out her nose. I think that is how I am going to start describing it too!