Friday, April 24, 2009


Sometimes it takes a wake-up call to remind us, yet again, of how fleeting life is.
I am thankful for the gospel, for my testimony of it.
I am thankful that life doesn't end with the grave, that those we love, live on, and we will be with them again.
Lives are taken too young, it seems to us.
I look at the deaths of some pretty awesome young men, to be a blessing.
I have family on the other side that needs some teaching.


GRAMEE said...

i was reading the story on the internet.
did you know the boy from Ogden?

Mindy said...

Yes.. he grew up in our ward. They just moved up the road this last fall.. such a good family!

Jamie said...

That is so sad, I remember teaching him in primary (still can't believe he grew up while I was away), he was such a good boy. I love how you say that you need some family on the other side that needs some teaching, that is such a great perspective!