Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My kids are "normal"..

Or so I am told by the sales lady at our local Old Navy..
You see, my children seem to enjoy talking and somewhat socializing with the mannequins at any store.. headless or with the old noggin in place, they are downright friendly to the faux people..
So friendly today, that they posed for an imaginary family portrait with the "super modelquins".. complete with Ashley holding two of the models hands, like they were her parents, and saying, "Say cheese Lynn! They are ready to take our picture!!" I was giggling quite uncontrollably at that one as they both stopped what they were doing to pose for an imaginary camera and say just what Ashley suggested, "cheese!"..
They continued on, talking about which one was their "mom" as I was checking-out.
The sales lady just laughed.
"I would like to do a psychology paper on this phenomena.. every kid who comes in here talks to them like they are real, they'll hold their hands and everything.. it is so funny!"
"So you are saying that my kids are 'normal'?"
"Yeah.. totally."
So reassuring! ;)
As we were getting all buckled up in the car for the drive home, Ashley and Lynn begin discussing how they will miss their "real mom" at Old Navy...
I butted in: "Hey! Who am I?"
Ashley: "You are our step-mother.."
Me: "Oh..."
Lynn: "Yeah.. you aren't our 'real' mom.."
(Like the mannequins are real?)
Me: "Well then can someone explain to me the reason why I have all these stretch marks on my body? The saggy boobs... I seem to faintly recall a small scar on my lower abdomen, like someone was cut out of me.. hmmm... I wonder how I got all of those if I am not your 'real mom'..."
I enjoyed the chorus of giggles coming from the backseat...
Tonight we dyed Easter eggs.. Merrill actually manned the camera so you get to enjoy a guest appearance by me!! :D

I have to post some of the fun new things Peyton says and does...
- says "mom"
- will hug me, not a weak little hug... like two little arms shooting around my neck and squeezing me hug.. love those!
- she says "this" and points at things, waiting for an explanation.
- she'll point to her eye, or gouge mine out, and say, "eyes".
- she really tries to say "Lynn"... you should see her get her little tongue to try to wrap it around that "L".
- she recently started walking backward.
- she has a new dance step that I am trying desperately to catch on video.. it's like she's running in place!
- she now shrugs her shoulders and says, "Um.."
- she's pretty comfortable with going down our carpeted stairs... baby gate gone!!!! Hurray!!!!!
Oh yeah!!! I got my new Shade swimsuit in the mail today.. so hopefully that saggy chestal area issue will be resolved when it comes to sunbathing and swimming activities ;)


Emalee said...

your kids are SO funny~ I love to read what they have done.

Jamie said...

My kids do the same thing with the manequins too!

BookwormMom said...

I'm really excited to dye eggs on Saturday....y'all look so cute!

I think it's so funny that you're the "stepmother"...the things kids come up with!?

Six-Pack Momma said...

How funny!

I guess my kids are not so normal, then. They call those same manequins "monsters" and they run and hide from them!