Friday, April 24, 2009

Mommy & Daughter date..

We've been having a rough year Kindergarten wise..
I have not been making Lynn go, if she so desires.
We've been dealing with a bladder infection as some fringe benefits of the fun of Kindergarten. All said with much sarcasm..
So a mother daughter date was in order.
We started with a haircut..
Went and did some shopping for fun spring and summer clothes.. SOMEONE got VERY spoiled..
..and ended with a yummy dinner (cut short due to a tummy ache)..
I love you so much Lynnie-Lou!!
I enjoyed our date.. time together with just you and me was awesome!!
Thanks to mom, for taking the other two.. I am still enjoying the diapers that follow the fun of Ashley endlessly feeding chocolate covered raisins to Peyton :)

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Ally0005 said...

When Anna missed 16 days in Kindergarten I got a letter, public school here is so strick. Love that you had a mom and daughter day it's so fun.