Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meet Lucinda and other fun things..

Meet Lucinda.. or "Lucy".. as I call her :)She is our new, awesome computer.. she is fast, has a whole lotta memory, and best of all, functions at full capacity.
She will also find herself with a new child in a couple of days (hopefully sooner rather than later..) and that would be my PhotoShop program... (cheers!!!)
Right now, the only other broken/non-functioning item in my home is my dishwasher..Note: NEVER take your dishwasher for granted!! This malfunction has blessed me with some nice quiet time though... :)
Lately..We have had Ashley needing to use a "cane" because she has "old lady smell".. (?) Is that why canes are utilized?
She also channels "Word Girl".She continues to note the items of her costume that are missing, but necessary. She has found other items that will serve as "temporary substitutes"..
- Purple Dora gardening glove (notice the absence of the plural "s"?..) in place of the standard red..
- Hot pink shoes in lieu of the red boots..
She also noted that a red belt is necessary, as well as the red helmet..
I guess I have some shopping to do..
Lynnie-Lou, on the other hand...
Had a heart breaking experience the other night..
We were at Pack Meeting (it was "Dino-riffic!!!..) and she missed-out on the opportunity to play a game in which she could win some most coveted and valuable prizes.. her younger sister, did not miss this chance, and thus, Lynnie-Lou was heartbroken.
She left me a note, to convey her grief...I do believe that a translation of sorts is necessary..
"I am extremely sad cause I didn't get a slinky and I didn't get a glow stick. That's why. Love Lynn (heart). If there's any problems fix them all by yourself."
(Did you get that from reading the original note? It took me a while.. so cute though!!)
I am enjoying the phonetically spelled notes I get all day long..
Look at what a cutie she is!Lastly...
Peyton's tag..
Kimmy, our cute little friend, tagged us..
So here are 5 of Peyton's essential items:

1- Her Horse.. it goes just about everywhere inside our house and outside..2- Books.. she loves them!! Mostly looking at them at her own pace right now.. she's yet to sit still through a whole story.. well, besides her Barney and Elmo board books...
3- Cars and trucks... she makes the sounds of the engines too :)
4- Balls. She especially loves her big, bouncy, blue ball. I am also happy to note that she is over her fear of the exercise ball!! :D
5- It's a tie for this one.. me and her fingers...


Rachael said...

What a crack up!!! OK, I'd better start at the beginning with my question.

1. The name for you computer is it an acronym, or do you just give everything it's own name?

Not a question. I had to click on the picture of your counter. My eyes deceived me, I thought you had a mop next to your dishes.

I like Lynn's note. You know I can't wait until I get the chance to try and disypher little notes. Last but not least I like the last thing on Peyton's list the best. That's pretty funny! Your expression is what makes that sentence flow so well.

Mindy said...

To answer/respond...
No acronym, I wanted to give her a name (let's face it, it is a she, cause we all do things right..) so I could praise her for all of her good work.
And lastly, I had to clear up the dish thing.. I typically don't have THAT many dishes to do, I just put off doing them cause I was hoping it would be motivation for me to fix the dang dishwasher.. no such luck.

Promise said...

Oh Min...what is wrong with your dishwasher? Something easy to fix? After going years without one...I am sooooo thankful for mine. Wash, Dryer and Dishwasher...just cant do without 'em!