Monday, April 6, 2009

My kids...

Are always making me laugh... and I love to laugh, so my girls were definitely meant for me!!
Lynn is spouting off lines from "Back to the Future", her latest love...
"Last night Darth Vader came to me and told me if I didn't ask Lorraine to the dance, then he would melt me brain!!"
(This is repeated many times throughout the day...)

After having a bath the other day, Ashley began talking about her ear wax.. her latest obsession..
Ash: "Can we eat ear wax""
Mom: "No."
Ash: "I have a big chunk on ear WACK..."
Mom: "It's wa-X..."
Ash: "No! WACK."
Mom: (laughing at this point because she's so serious about it..) "WA-X (making "x" sound over and over..) it's wax."
Ash: "But I am talking about ONE ear.."
So apparently, WAX is plural, and WACK is singular...

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Emalee said...

Oh boy that is FUNNY!!!