Monday, April 27, 2009

Memory lane..

I have been trying to catch up on all my favorite online reads, and last night, Peyton was my little chunk of inspiration, maybe I should call her drive... I dunno.
You see, she wasn't in the mood to sleep. Apparently, she was still too hopped-up after our stay at our local Best Western the night before. It was fun..
So we were up, later than I would have liked.. I was tired.
I read the last tiny bit of "Midnight Sun.." Mrs. Meyer needs badly to finish that.. and then was off to blogland to catch up on other reads..
I was reading C Jane.. and had a lot to read..
I came upon her post about plagiarizers.. those dirty buggers.. and began remembering...
Growing up, a sophomore in high school, to be exact.. there was a girl.. we'll call her "Mildred" (only because both Colonel Henry Blake and Colonel Harry Potter's wives on M*A*S*H were named Mildred.. I am a M*A*S*H junkie.. someday there will be a couples M*A*S*H trivia contest and Merrill and I will sweep it!!!) Anywhooo...
"Mildred" liked me, for some reason, and wanted to be like me... for some reason.
I got my haircut, so did she.
I got a job at Arby's, and so did she.
I would eat a certain combination of yummy foods on my break, and she, in turn, would order THE SAME THING...
Some of you might be thinking, "That's creepy..." while others might be thinking, "No big deal.."
Or you might be like my mother, who I think to be too sweet and naive most of the time, who thought, "You must be someone she looks up to.. that's nice that you are such a good example to her." "Imitaion is the finest form of flattery.." is something eles my dear mother would say... I say imitation is creepy...
Well, it got creepier.
More things that I will not bother to mention that "Mildred" would do to be like me, just this BIG one..
I soon began dating a boy named Ryan (who was a jerk really disguised as a boy..) and guess what soon happened..
Soon "Mildred" found herself a boyfriend, named Ryan..
Now if he was a jerk disguised as a boy as well, I do not know.. I tried to keep my distance as I did not want her to be close enough to me to discover what deodorant I was wearing so she could go and buy that too...
I just thought, as I was reading dear C Jane, how there is still this desire to be like those that we look up to, even as adults. Even if those people adore you and your life so much that they choose to hijack it and claim it as their own.. that's creepy.
I am glad that teenager-dom is over, for me.


Rachael said...

I agree with you when it comes to Midnight Sun. I kinda like Edwards version a little better.

That story is creepy! What on earth would inspire someone to do that?

Hopefully I don't come off in that kind of way. I love learning new things from you. I love when you show us all something new. Your very creative and crafty.

OFF THE WALL QUESTION: What kind of deoderant do you wear? So I know not to buy it.
I wear lady's speed stick (powder fresh) of you wear that same kind then I'm sorry! I have been buying it for the last seven years.

No change in the last few years since meeting you. Hopefully your not dissapointed by that. JUST KIDDING!

One thing I would like to know is... dun..dun...dun.... where you get the metal sheets from. I do want to put one under my shelve about a 3x3 ft square and I have no clue where to find them.

Ally0005 said...

I've known people that happened to, crazy. I'm also glad the teenager years are over for me to.