Monday, September 14, 2009

Finding the humor in life..

I am sorry for being so serious and stressed lately.. I realize that the entertainment I had intended to be here took a vacation of its own this last little while..

Today, I was thinking about that.. that I really am happy, and I should show it more! I should look for the humorous side to things again.

It also helped that Merrill and I lay awake in bed a little too late last night laughing at the dumbest stuff.

(Watch and discuss..) Tee Hee!!

So here they are.. the things that made me laugh today.

Remember this?

feb 2 020

Ashley didn't learn from her lesson..

She cut her hair AGAIN, while mom and dad were attempting to squeeze in a Sunday nap yesterday.

Sad thing is I didn't discover it until I was cleaning downstairs TODAY. Little bits and long bits of hair.. hidden where an almost five year old thinks is adequate.

She gave herself some cute new layers, and slight bangs.

After lecturing her about it, and the fact that she doesn't want to wear underwear at night, and we discover that fact in awkward ways.. I had told her for about the 79th time today, that she should "know better".

It is so harsh, and it is what I say when I do not know what else to say.. I felt bad.

She was sadly laying in her bed.. had her little Merrill puppy dog face going strong, and I asked her what was the matter.

She answered with, "I wish that 8 came after 3, so I would be 8 now and know better."

Talk about break my heart!!

I was already feeling guilty...

Peyton wants to be just like her.. unfortunately for Peyton, her head isn't as big as big sister's is, and therefore cannot see very well.

sept 14 005

Big sister doesn't run into walls.

With her head.

The other humorous moment in my day was my toilet paper.

It is comical to attempt to get any, at all, whether it be for a snotty nose, to squish a spider, or wipe a bum. Someone at the toilet paper factory thought it would be rockin' awesome to put that fun temporary glue that keeps the roll from unraveling in the very beginning of the roll, all throughout the roll, every 4-5 inches. Just to make life interesting.

I am looking forward to finishing off this particular package of Charmin.

To boot, I am here, nearly 11 pm, everyone is asleep, and I am here, blogging away, laughing to myself, wearing my reading glasses that just aren't cutting it anymore, realizing that it just might have something to do with that next number coming up..


Sorry Mer, I know you hate to see it, hear it, think it..

But it's true.

I am compiling a list..

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